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Image Development & Welfare Organization is a registered non-governmental, non political organization working for Women rights ,Youth development, social development, Literacy/Education, Children/Youth Human rights Poverty Alleviation and Population Welfare Organization, Welfare and benefits of the Poor , Disabled Rehabilitation, Community mobilization, Disarmament, Life stock Development, Women, Health Care, Human Rights, women right the mission is to conduct an extensive and intensive participatory sustainable development process through empowerment of poor. Image Development & Welfare Organization is a voluntary, social welfare Organization, Non profitable, Non political and charitable organization Community development social activities, Registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance-XLVI 1961, struggling to aware/mobilize empowering people through education the people of community for the realization of their developmental and basic human rights. Strive in particular to advance the empowerment movement among the under-served by addressing, through information, advocacy and services, their growing unmet need and demand for health and education and work cooperatively in this endeavor with all interested governmental and non governmental organization.
Functioning in rural areas of District Hyderabad Sindh. The idea of Image Development & Welfare Organization (Social Advancement towards Humanity) Organization was launched in September 2008. Image Development & Welfare Organization consists of male & female members who are from different fields of life i.e. management, I.T. Professionals, Engineers, Teachers, Social Workers, Students and Youth of the area. The working area of Image Development & Welfare Organization is District Hyderabad Sindh. Its objectives are to create awareness against social evils i.e. Drug Abuse, Child labour, Violence against women and other social problems confronting to the poor segment of society. Image Development & Welfare Organization has been working to achieve its goals, aims and objectives since its inception. Image Development & Welfare Organization projects brief report is as follow. free books, build new schools, provide computer labs and in health sector; we help the poor patients to access the medical resources, free medical camps in backward areas of the Sindh Province, guidance to the patients and providing monetary help for emergency transportation to hospitals. We empower women by providing them family planning education, skills to work at home, loan closet and sewing machines in rural areas. Children are the most important part of all our projects.

• for the project are poor rural and urban communities,
• With specific emphasis being placed on gender and empowerment of women.
• Benefits accrue directly to the vulnerable through income generation,
• improved physical and social infrastructure,
• and training and skill development support


Adult literacy, Healthy, Educated, Prosperous Pakistan, A democratic, peaceful and developed society.


To provide basic health services, primary education, income generation opportunities and development of institutions to empower the underprivileged communities, To aware, organize and help marginalized people in realizing their developmental, civil and basic human rights.


To improve the living status of poor specially women and children by sustainable, participatory and integrated development.
To strengthen institutions / human resource in different sectors of life at all levels.
To improve the health status of under privileged with special focus
on women and children health.
To increase literacy with especial focus on girls’ primary education.
To increase income generation opportunities in rural communities.
To initiate the process of development in other related sectors
To aware people about their rights and the root-causes of their problems.
To organize people, especially women, at the level of family, village, workplace and district. To enable farmers to take self-help initiatives besides receiving legitimate support from government departments.
To promote gender equality and healthy cultural activities


Capacity building
Technical and financial support
Research and knowledge building
Networking and advocacy


Peace and democracy
Religious and cultural freedom
Gender equality
Right to express
Decentralization of powers and resources
Regional cooperation

Legal Status

Registration under process (social organization Registration under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance-XLVI 1961)

Coverage/operation area

Rural Areas of District Hyderabad


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Aliabad Colony Union Council Hatri near Isra University Hala Road Hyderabad Sindh
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